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The Central Telecom company

Today Central Telecom is a telecom operator very prominent in four areas:

  • Prepaid cards including the recently-introduced exclusive multifunction prepaid card.
  • Trading of “Carrier Service” minutes in voice and voice over IP.
  • An interconnection offering at Call Shops and Switchless with more than 600 interconnected Callshops.
  • Residential market

Central Telecom offers extremely competitive prices to its customers, as well as a flexible and innovative range of products. We achieved a 2007turnover of 18 million Euros reflecting the genuine appeal of our business and mass-market product range.

Central Telecom: An innovative operator

Since its creation in 1997, Central Telecom has specialised in the production and distribution of Prepaid Telephone Cards. It has rapidly evolved into one of the best-performing companies in the market thanks to an effective commercial strategy supported by foolproof technology and logistics. All this has driven its presence in more than 15,000 retail outlets throughout France, enabling the company to provide its customers with a recognised high-quality product. Central Telecom offers exceptional functions on a single prepaid card, mainly facilitating the top-up of foreign mobiles and payment over the internet.

Central Telecom also has a significant activity involving the resale of minutes to major operators and to its network of Callshops. All this is done using the latest technologies and predominantly voice over IP. 

Technical strengths

Thanks to its network of interconnections with the main traditional global operators (France Telecom, British Telecom, Telecom Italia, Deutsch Telekom, Verizon, etc…), Central Telecom has acquired solid reliability while ensuring that the users of its different products remain permanently satisfied. In order to ensure that its customers enjoy uncompromising quality of service, Central Telecom has the advantage of a technical department which is at the cutting edge of technology.

Proven skills:

Central Telecom today relies on a team of 33 employees including 8 executives. Every day they take on challenges worthy of Central Telecom’s ambitions.

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